In a significant development to the Denver Broncos’ long-term future, Paxton Lynch threw passes after practice Wednesday.

You remember Paxton Lynch. First-round draft pick. Quarterback.

Lynch’s throwing session was his first on the practice field since he suffered a sprain to his right throwing shoulder in the Broncos’ preseason game August 19 against the San Francisco 49ers.

“For Day 1, it felt good,’’ Lynch said.

He threw 15 passes in all – a set of five from 5 yards, another five from 10 yards and another five from 15 yards. That doesn’t exactly sound like he’ll be ready to replace Brock Osweiler as Trevor Siemian’s backup any time soon.

But you’ve got to start somewhere.

So when will Lynch be game ready?

“I don’t know,’’ he said. “I just know it’s OK to start throwing and the doctor said we’ll progress from there.’’

Lynch said his right throwing shoulder injury is not as severely injured as Siemian’s left, non-throwing shoulder was last year. But the key words there are “throwing” and “non-throwing” shoulders.

“I think Trevor’s was worse than mine because he had to get it fixed (through surgery after the 2016 season),’’ Lynch said. “I didn’t tear anything. I just had a strain. They just don’t want to rush into it.’’

Chad Kelly update

Like outside linebacker Shane Ray and tight end Jake Butt, rookie quarterback Chad Kelly is eligible to start practicing Monday.

Unlike Ray and Butt, Kelly has not been told he will. Kelly, who has been on an injured reserve list because of wrist and knee injuries, also started throwing following practices this week.

“I’m feeling really good,’’ he said, adding he’ll be throwing up to 30, 35 yards by week’s end.

So long as it translates

Not sure how the Broncos will play in their game Sunday night (6:30 kickoff, 9News) against the 0-5 New York Giants. But they are practicing for the Giants like never before.

“We had our best Wednesday of the year today,’’ said Broncos head coach Vance Joseph. “Obviously, it’s beautiful out and we had some snow on Monday. When you’re indoors, you’re on turf so that can affect the player’s mindset. Today, it was awesome today. It was a beautiful practice.”

It should be noted that a couple days after the Broncos suffered their only loss at Buffalo in week 3, Joseph said his team did not practice well on Wednesday of that week.

“I think the difference is that we’re off a bye so guys are feeling good,’’ he said. “We’ve got very few injuries, knock on wood, thus far. It’s beautiful out, it’s nice weather—that helps. I think it’s just guys being fresh and being excited about playing a football game again. We’re in a good spot right now. We have to continue to do more and push our guys to continue to focus, push forward and get better every day.”