KUSA—The off-campus passing “camp” tradition will continue for the Broncos, if on a smaller scale.

Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch, who are competing for the Broncos’ starting quarterback position, will gather a few receivers, tight ends and running backs at a Denver-area high school next week to chuck the ball around.

“It’ll be nice to touch base with the guys one time before we get started,’’ Siemian said. “I think that’s more important than anything.’’

The Broncos report to training camp on July 26 with their first practice on the morning of July 27. The off-campus passing session is expected to be held around July 21, 22, although those dates are not set in ink.

The Broncos never held these so-called team “passing camps’’ away from the coaching staff during the offseason until Peyton Manning signed up to play quarterback in 2012. Manning organized a three-day, two-night stay at Duke University with invited receivers for four years.

Mark Sanchez, the expected starting quarterback at this time last year, organized the passing camp last year in Los Angeles.

The problem this year is the Broncos don’t yet have a No. 1 quarterback. Neither Siemian or Lynch could very well foot the bill for such a passing session if neither has been declared “the guy.’’

Broncos receivers Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders each made attempts to gather their teammates in Los Angeles and Houston, respectively, but not too many players were on different schedules.