There is a not-so-secret weapon the Broncos can use this year that would bring them back to the playoffs.

For now that weapon remains in bubble wrap.

Five-time, 1,000-yard rusher Jamaal Charles is not practicing during live team drills. He’s had knee problems and the Broncos don’t want him to get hit.

Eventually, though, he’s got to get out there and knock some rust off.

“I told them definitely I want to do more and right now I’m happy with the system,’’ Charles said Friday following the Broncos’ second training camp practice. “They’re taking their time with me. I told them I want to do a little bit of (cutting), get hit. I want that just to get my confidence up. I need to feel my pads and make people miss.’’

Charles has been testing out a knee brace during individual drills. I’d be surprised if he wears it come game time.

“It’s my second day with it,’’ Charles said. “I really got to get used to it and if I don’t get used to it I can throw it away.’’

The upside for the Broncos is they have three home run threats offense in Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and Jamaal Charles. If so, the Broncos not only can make it to the playoffs, they should.