INDIANAPOLIS - Trivia time.

How many head coaches have the Broncos gone through in the last five seasons?

Answer: Five. John Fox, Jack Del Rio, Gary Kubiak, Joe DeCamillis and now Vance Joseph.

OK, so it’s a trick question. Del Rio was a four-game interim head coach while Fox recovered from a heart procedure in 2013. DeCamillis filled in one game for an ailing Kubiak in 2016.

Still, it’s a significant turnover for a team that in the past five years has posted records of 13-3, 13-3, 12-4, 12-4 and 9-7.

All those coaching changes has created the perception that Elway isn’t the easiest boss to work for.

“If wanting to win bad is tough to work for, that’s our goal,’’ Elway told 9NEWS this week. “To win football games, that’s what our fans want. So if that comes with a reputation of being hard to work for, then I’m fine with that.’’

Elway is here at his seventh NFL Scouting Combine as the Broncos’ general manager.

“Hard to believe,’’ he said.

His first, in 2011, was a vetting experience that netted Von Miller with the No. 2 overall pick. Elway has been picking so far in the draft since then – a tradeoff for finishing deep in the playoffs each year – that the Broncos’ No. 20 overall selection next month marks their highest position since they took Miller.

Only there doesn’t figure to be any Von Millers available at No. 20.

“There’s not? Darn it,’’ Elway said.

He said he is enjoying the challenge of going through the process more than ever.

“I am, yeah,’’ he said. “Especially this year coming off the 9-7 year and not making the playoffs, it always adds a little more to it but we’re excited about it. We’ve got a new staff hired which I’m excited about. Vance has done a tremendous job with his staff so now we’ve got a chance to go find some players hopefully.’’