Trevor Siemian is a quarterback because he can throw.

“It just seems like he doesn’t put a lot of effort in it, but the ball comes out nice,’’ Miami Dolphins coach Adam Gase said in a conference call Wednesday with his former Denver media friends.

“When he has time in the pocket and guys are running to find some windows in there, he really spins it good.’’

Siemian is a pretty good athlete. What he doesn’t have is the typical quarterback personality.

Siemian is polite, respectful, smart and humble. He’s got the makeup more in the mold of an offensive lineman. Where Siemian falls short as a quarterback is he has almost zero swagger.

Battling a bug that’s been going around the Broncos’ locker room, this isn’t the week for Siemian to fire up his personality.

Still, he represents the only hope of preventing the Broncos from losing out. Siemian is back as the Broncos’ quarterback after his first professional slump sentenced him to a 3 ½-game benching.

“When I got sat down, confidence-wise I felt fine,’’ Siemian said in his low-key manner. “I think it’s just frustrating not playing.”

Siemian looked great while operating the 2-minute drill and throwing two, fourth-quarter touchdown passes against the Oakland Raiders last Sunday. So why not run the 2-minute from the start against the Miami Dolphins this week? Adam Gase would appreciate it.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s good when it’s good but you go three-an-out it can get ugly on you pretty quick,’’ Siemian said. “I think you’ve got to be able to be multiple. Change tempos, huddle, play on the ball. I think the good offenses you see do that quite a bit.’’

Maybe the Broncos can work on getting injecting some edginess in Siemian’s personality next year.

For now, the Broncos need their good guy, mild-mannered quarterback to get them a win.