I think I’ve finally figured out this Great Quarterback Competition.

One is an S&P 500 Index Fund. The other is a day-trading international oil stock.

It’s not necessarily which one is better. It’s whether your preference is the careful, above-average Trevor Siemian or the high risk, high reward Paxton Lynch.

Rookie left tackle Garett Bolles will block for either.

“They both have their strengths and they’re both great at what they do,’’ Bolles said following the Broncos’ training camp workout Monday. “That’s why they’re here and that’s why they’re both going to lead our team. I’m very grateful I get to protect them on the blind side. And I get to be there for them and make sure nobody touches them. My quarterbacks are like my wife: You touch her, then you’re in trouble.’’

Lynch can make the Broncos’ quarterback situation rich or go bust. He threw two touchdowns and two interceptions during a red-zone period Monday. Siemian may not make you wealthy but you won’t go belly up, either. He threw no touchdowns and no picks in the red zone Monday.

“I’m looking for decision making,’’ said Broncos head coach Vance Joseph. “That’s why I was so disappointed with yesterday’s results. Making critical errors in the scoring zones, we can’t have. You make an error in your first-and-10, second-and-10, we can overcome those. If we’re going into score and we’ve already put up big points, and we give them seven from 10 points, we can’t have that. That costs you games. More games in this league are lost than won.’’

Personally, I’m more of a 401K guy. John Elway, though, has never been afraid of being aggressive.

On Tuesday, Bronco players are off. Elway and his personnel staff and Joseph and his coaching staff will gather to discuss the roster and state of every position.

The Great Quarterback Competition figures to come up.