If they go by arm strength, stature and athleticism, it’s Paxton.

If they go by poise, experience and accuracy it’s Trevor.

As Broncos quarterbacks, Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian are as different as their personalities. Let’s start with Siemian.

“I think he’s more conservative by his personality – but that’s not a bad thing,’’ said Broncos’ head coach Vance Joseph.

Conservative but wry.

“I guess that’s for coach Joseph to say, I guess,’’ Siemian said. “Paxton’s a little taller than me.’’

That broke up the media throng.

Lynch is less understated. Right down to the undershirt. Siemian and Lynch each stepped up to the box for their press conferences following the first day of training camp Thursday by wearing a Broncos workout T-shirt with the message “Championship Message,’’ across the front.

Siemian’s workout shirt was as the manufacture Nike intended. Lynch cut off his sleeves, revealing he truly has a big, strong arm on both sides of his neck.

“I was at Memphis and the coach said, ‘Son, trees don’t grow in the shade,’’ Lynch said. “You got to let them be out there, you’ve got to let them grow. I’m trying to let my trees grow a little bit.’’

It will be performance, not personality that will win the starting job. As for how Siemian and Lynch did on the first day of training camp, let’s just say they need a second day.

Working mostly red-zone plays, Lynch seemed to bail and run too much while Siemian was rusty with his passes.

“Hopefully the number 13 that rolls out of the locker room tomorrow is better than the ‘slappy’ that rolled out here today,’’ Siemian said.

Now that’s funny.