Awarding the game ball to head coach Gary Kubiak was a no-brainer.

Having the one-and-only Aqib Talib deliver the presentation was pure genius.

“It may not make the TV, put it like that,'' said Talib, who before his presentation added Houston's DeAndre Hopkins to his list of star receivers he completely shut down this year. "It might not make the sports shows. It was from the heart. I meant every word of it.’’

Kubiak fell so ill three weeks ago with a complex migraine condition, he had to be transported from the Broncos' stadium to a local hospital following his team's loss to the Atlanta Falcons. He stayed overnight, then missed the short week of preparations and game at San Diego, where the Broncos lost again.

Kubiak returned to the Broncos a week ago and got his team ready to play the Houston Texans -- the team that hired him in 2006 and fired him late in 2013 -- on Monday night. The Broncos fell behind in the first quarter, of course, but rallied for a convincing, 27-9 win.

“Coaches get game balls when players play well," Kubiak said. "Our players played really well tonight. I’m proud of them because I asked them to do some things for me over the course of the last 10, 11 days and kind of regroup ourselves a little bit. You have to do that in this league sometimes and they did. They responded. You could tell last night that they were locked in and ready to play. Like I said, I liked the consistency of how we played.”

In Aqib's speech, there was one X-rated word that in sports locker rooms is part of everyday chatter.

"I thought it was a pretty good speech, though,'' Talib said. "Maybe they can bleep that out and air it live tonight or whenever. I just said our leader is back. We definitely missed him last week. I said our leader is back. First win, against the Texans. So, cool, welcome back. Straight to the point.’’

You can watch Talib's victory speech here: