There are two material things – one a fabric, the other an alloy -- that represent forever elite. Terrell Davis may have to live a while before he can truly appreciate which means more.

Is the culmination of a great running back career with the Denver Broncos the Gold Jacket he will receive Friday or the bronze bust of his likeness he will be handed Saturday?

“That’s a tough one, man,’’ Davis told 9News Thursday prior to getting introduced at the Hall of Fame Game here. “I think the symbolism of the Gold Jacket is something people relate to more. That’s something you can wear around. It’s not kept in a holy place.

“But when you walk into that room with all those busts, you know that room is special. I don’t know what it feels like yet but I’m guessing that bust is where the immortality part of it sets in.

“And then you put it in perspective that in the room with all these greats, you’re like, Wow. And to think you’re in the same club.’’

Greatness is achieved either by being great for a short time or good for a long time. Davis was great for a short time with a bonus: Those four brief but highly productive years included the best career postseason rushing performance in NFL history.

And so Davis was hanging out Thursday as the likes of Marcus Allen, Eric Dickerson, Jim Kelly, Tim Brown, Bruce Smith and Lawrence Taylor came up to give him welcome-to-fraternity handshakes and hugs.

“I’ve been catching up with a lot of guys at the hotel,’’ Davis said. “Yesterday I ran into Cris Carter and hung out with him. Everybody is giving me advice. They know what it feels like and they’re trying to make you feel comfortable. They tell me every step of the way it just gets better and better but they say you’re really not going to feel it until you get that Gold Jacket (Friday). That’s when it’s going to hit you like a ton of bricks.’’

He will be the fifth Broncos to receive one, following John Elway (class of 2004), Gary Zimmerman (2008), Floyd Little (2010) and Shannon Sharpe (2011).

“I’m rested. I’m rested up,’’ Davis said. “I’ve just been with family. My family’s in town so I’ve just been hanging with them. This is the start of it.’’

And then one by one, the Hall of Fame alumni came up to greet him.

“You see all these Hall of Famers here? I’m now one of them,’’ Davis said. “We’ve got Warren Moon, Jim Kelly, Morten Andersen – we’ve got Morten Andersen! And uncle Jerry (Jones)! It’s awesome. And little ol’ me in the middle of alllll these Hall of Famers.’’