There was something about the no-nonsense, confident delivery by Bill Musgrave that brought hope the Denver Broncos’ offense is about to change for the better.

Then again, Mike McCoy was a no-nonsense, confident guy, too, but sometimes hearing it from a different voice is refreshing.

“We’re going to try to be much cleaner in our approach and take care of the football and quarterback and be explosive when the ball is in our hands,’’ Musgrave said Wednesday in his first press conference as the Broncos’ interim offensive coordinator. “We want to focus on the fundamentals and end up in the end zone much more than we have in the last couple of months.”

Ready, break!

With one caveat, there is reason to think the offense will look better with Musgrave running it than McCoy.

The last time Musgrave was an offensive coordinator, he was pretty good. He held the position the previous two years with the Oakland Raiders, which coincided with quarterback Derek Carr’s two best seasons. Carr combined for 60 touchdowns against just 19 interceptions – a ratio of 3.15 to 1 -- under Musgrave in 2015-16, leading to a then, NFL-record $25 million average salary.

In the years before and after Musgrave, Carr has 35 touchdown passes and 20 interceptions, a ratio of 1.75 to 1.

The caution is the quarterback will be the inexperienced Paxton Lynch.

With the Broncos in a six-game slide, and no 3-7 team in NFL history ever going on to make the postseason, why not see what last year’s first-round draft pick can do?

“He’s definitely tall so he can see the field,’’ Musgrave said of the 6-foot-7 Lynch. “He can definitely throw the ball all over the field with his strength. He just needs time on task. This will be good. This will be another step in his development of getting him on the field so he can get more time on task. You’re only going to learn from experience. You don’t learn from the sideline. This will be important for him.”