They say the most important games on any team’s schedule are division games.

The heck with that.

Let’s see what all this fuss is about with Dez, Dak and Zeke. Bring on them Cowboys!

“Like you said American’s Team,’’ Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib said in a sit down interview Thursday with 9NEWS. (See the full interview on Game Day Live, 9 a.m. Sunday). “And then it’s always exciting when you get to play one of those powerhouses who you only get to see once every four years or in Super Bowls or something like that. It’s always exciting, man. They’re a dominant team. One of the best teams over in the NFC. They’re coming to our house. It’s going to be a good challenge. We love a good challenge.’’

It’s good for the NFL when the Cowboys are on top. Every story needs a villain, even when they’re disguised in white hats. The Patriots are bad guys who have a way of ruining the story.

The Cowboys with owner Jerry Jones have always been about glitz and glamour. Ever since they drafted running back Ezekiel Elliott and quarterback Dak Prescott last year, they’ve added substance to receiver Dez Bryant.

“They’re easy to scout and hard to beat,’’ said Broncos head coach Vance Joseph. “You watch them and it’s not a lot of complicated schemes, but they’re good at it. They’ve won 11 or 12 games straight and they make it look easy. And, it hasn’t been stressful. What they’ve put together, it works for that football team.”

How good are the Broncos? We’ll find out Sunday. Because we already know the Cowboys are real good.