By now, you might have heard that former Denver Broncos quarterback/the GOAT (sorry, Tom Brady) went golfing with President Donald Trump last month.

He was first spotted at the Trump National Golf Club with Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) by a New York Times photographer on June 4. Here’s a pic:

The two-time Super Bowl champion/chicken parm aficionado talked about what it’s like to golf with the president while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

He says he was invited because he was in Washington D.C. to win the Lincoln Medal – and that while a lot of people told him not to do it – a quote from another legend led him to go for it.

“I heard Arnold Palmer say if the president of the United States asks you to play golf, you do it, no brainer,” Manning told Kimmel. “I’ve had a chance to play with President Bush before, if President Obama, President Clinton asked me, I’d go.”

Manning spoke at a Congressional GOP retreat that included Trump and Vice President Mike Pence earlier this year. He’s also given money to Republican candidates.

Despite a previous report from Samuel L. Jackson, Manning said the president did not cheat at golf (“I counted the strokes”) and that he would have called him out if he did.

“He gives a lot of putts, but he expects those to be reciprocated,” Manning said.

In the end, Manning said he was on the same team as the president and they won.

You can see the full Jimmy Kimmel interview here:

h/t: For the Win