Unless you live in New England or – for some reason that this writer can’t explain – are somehow a Patriots fan, this last Super Bowl was rough.

Peyton Manning, an NFL legend and all-around funny dude, is all of us when it comes to the Patriots’ improbable comeback over the Atlanta Falcons on Feb. 5, and did a skit during the ESPY awards to prove it.

It’s pretty epic: He starts out excited, as did everyone who didn’t want the bad guys to win.

He loved Lady Gaga, as did every person with a soul.

But then, as the Patriots and Tom Brady started lighting up, Manning panicked. He started doing chores. He couldn’t watch and finally, in the moment of truth, he threw a football at the TV – ensuring that he wouldn’t have to watch the inevitable transpire.

The sketch is fantastic. You can watch it below:

Can’t see the video? Click here: http://bit.ly/2tjYUlp