So much for arriving on day one of Broncos Training Camp in style.

In years past, Emmanuel Sanders has driven cars like his Ferrari or Lamborghini to Broncos Headquarters, but Thursday, 9NEWS decided to do the wide receiver a favor and give him a ride in Rod Mackey's son's car -- a 2002 Toyota Camry.

"Smooth," joked Sanders about the engine turning over on the first try. "Let me put on my seatbelt."

Sanders continued to pretend to enjoy the short drive from the team hotel to Dove Valley, even going along with Mackey's offer to trade him the Camry car for one of his.

"I think I'll trade. I've got a Rolls Royce, so I think I'll trade you if you want it," Sanders said.

Sanders was just having fun, but not as much fun as he did after that 5-minute drive ended.

The 2002 Camry may be a little bit slower than he's used to, but just like his Ferrari and Lamborghini from years past, it got him to camp on time.