ENGLEWOOD—Trevor Siemian may have lost confidence, even if he will never admit it, but it’s not like he’s spent the last couple days in the fetal position, as a reporter suggested during the quarterback’s weekly press conference Wednesday.

“Bad visual,’’ Siemian said after first laughing out loud. “No, I’m good. It happens. If you look around the league, you see quarterbacks take their licks. I feel like I’ve taken my fair share, no doubt. It’s all on me. I’ve been reckless with the ball at times. I’ve made some bad throws. I can own up to that. I have to improve. Hopefully, I do.”

Siemian has suffered a sophomore jinx of sorts as his second year of playing hasn’t been as good as his first. He went 8-6 with 18 touchdown passes, 10 interceptions and 3,401 yards for the Broncos last season, numbers that computed to an 84.6 rating.

He is 3-5 this year after having been benched for 4 games. He has 11 touchdown passes, 13 interceptions and 2,018 yards for a 72.7 rating that ranks 31st in the league with four games to play.

But compare this second-year slump to his counterpart Sunday, New York Jets’ quarterback Josh McCown. Through his first eight seasons, McCown had 37 touchdowns against 44 picks.
Look at him now, at 38 years old. McCown has 18 touchdown passes and just eight interceptions.

Case Keenum was 2-8 in his first three seasons with the Houston Texans. He is 8-2 this year with the Minnesota Vikings, his third team.

Kirk Cousins threw 4 touchdowns against 7 interceptions in Washington. He’s played well enough to receive a $23.94 million salary this year.

Just think, Trevor: by slumping in your second season of playing, you’re halfway there.

“It’s just the way it’s played out,’’ Siemian said. “It’s one thing here and one thing there. We stall out or we don’t make it happen. Then you’re saying, ‘Hey, I have to make this thing go.’ That’s when bad things happen. It’s good to learn from, no doubt.”