“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s season tickets.”

It’s commandment number eight on the tablets of the Mile High Prophet.

His real name is John L. Buckley.

He’s a criminal defense lawyer, but on the weekends, he’s the Mile High Prophet.

Buckley started writing game predictions on Facebook four years ago like many other Denver Broncos fans.

"One Sunday morning, the idea of creating a 'prophesy' just came to my head," Buckley said.

When the Broncos lost the playoffs last season, Buckley knew he had to take it up a notch. He couldn't just write Facebook statuses anymore. He needed something more.

And so out of heartache and a sense of hope, the Mile High Prophet was born.

It's a character Buckley invented to make sure his team wins this season. He got a custom made orange robe with "Mile High Prophet" stitched on the back. A staff with a football hot glued to the top completes the outfit.

Mile High Prophet

With a staff in one hand, he carries around cardboard cut-out tablets in the other to remind Broncos fans of the Ten Commandments.

  1. I am the provider, who brought you out of the desert- out of the land of losses
  2. Thou shalt have no other franchises before me
  3. Thou shalt have not take the name of the Orange Crush in vain
  4. Remember Opening Day and keep it holy
  5. Honor thy blockers for they are the key to yardage
  6. Remember The Drive, The Fumble, and The Helicopter
  7. Thou shalt not leave the game early
  8. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s season tickets
  9. Thou shalt not sell thy tickets to opposing teams’ fans
  10. Thou shalt not cheer for a division rival unless it helps thy Broncos playoff bid

“I predict that the Broncos will win the Super Bowl,” Buckley said.

He’s predicted this every time.

Mile High Prophet

“The oracle predicts a wonderful season again for the Broncos. We have the best fans in the league, and it’s going to be a magnificent season,” the Prophet said.