The Denver Broncos know a thing or two about getting into shape. And now the team wants to help fans get a solid workout in too.

This week, the Denver Broncos and 24-Hour fitness debuted the new 11-station fitness circuit outside of Mile High stadium.

Broncos Business Development director, Jon Carlson, said the goal of the new outdoor gym is to help Broncos fans become the healthiest in the NFL.

The circuit is an extension of the Broncos Health & Wellness Initiative.

“We are very excited about it,” Carlson said. “And this circuit is made pretty basic by nature, on purpose. So if you’re a top athlete out there-- or just getting started-- you can come out and utilize it."

Open 365 days, the 11-station work-out zone is open to everyone, though kids must have adult supervision.

The work-out stations, strategically placed in areas surrounding the entire stadium, are meant to provide a full body workout. The overall goal: to make great health accessible to everyone.

Here is a list of the work-out stations:
1. Body-Tuck
2. Leg-Flex
3. Heel-Flex
4. Body-Pull
5. Arm-Walk
6. Leg-Over
7. Push-Off
8. Stair Workout
9. Sit-Up
10. Vault-Over
11. Hop-Over

Developers say the circuit was designed by movement experts to improve overall strength and endurance and improve mobility. While some stations work your upper body and core, others work your legs and other areas.

“We look forward to fans coming out and using this area,” Carlson said. “as long as the weather is good, it will be open. And it will operate like a public park, open from sun-up to sundown.”