Why doesn’t anyone believe in the Broncos?

They did win Super Bowl 50 right?

I know, it’s a different year and they’re a different team. The Broncos aren’t trying to defend, they’re trying to win another one.

Still, where’s the love?

This started from the start.

Denver opened the season, AT HOME, to the Panthers. The same team they beat in the Super Bowl.

Who was favored.. the Panthers.

Who won… the Broncos!

Last week the Broncos traveled to Cincinnati to play the Bengals… the same team they beat to clinch a playoff spot last season.

I know, last season doesn’t matter.

Who was favored.. the Bengals.

Who won.. the Broncos!

Which brings us to today.

The Broncos entered this game a perfect 3-0 against a struggling 1-2 Tampa team.

The good folks in Las Vegas made the Broncos the favorite, but by just a field goal!

Everyone jumped on Denver. More money was on the Broncos than any other NFL team.

Vegas is always right, but not this year, not when it comes to Denver.

The Broncos won by a bunch. Their supporters made a bunch.

Maybe one day Denver will get the respect they deserve, but the players don’t care.

They only care about winning and that’s something they’ve done more than any other NFL team so far this season and that’s the only thing that matters!