It’s not every day cameras focus on the Broncos IT guy, but on Tuesday morning, Russ Trainor had the big news from Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Trainor helped show off the Broncos new, $6 million upgraded Wi-Fi system.

“How many times you go somewhere and you’re like, ‘oh my goodness, it’s taking so long for the website to pull up,’” said Trainor, Broncos Vice President of Information Technology. “We’re hoping that goes much quicker for the fans.”

The new Wi-Fi system will boast nearly 1,500 Cisco access points, each with two, 5 gigahertz antennas. Fans will be able to access 10 Gbps internet connection for free throughout the stadium. The access points will be hidden in fiberglass casings on stair railings, mounted overhead and under some seats.

“During the game, when there’s people in the seats, it kind of disappears. You don’t see [the access points],” Trainor said.

The new Wi-Fi system means fans can scroll their social media feeds even from the nosebleeds.

“When [fans are] here, they want to post their selfie up to Facebook or just do a quick Snapchat. We want to make sure that works for them,” Trainor said.

The Broncos IT guy has high hopes for the new Wi-Fi system at Mile High.

“We’re hoping that it is a good five to seven times quicker than it was in the past,” Trainor said.

Century Link is providing and powering the Verizon Wi-Fi system that’s already about 55 percent installed. Trainor said the new system should be fully installed by late October or early November.