DENVER -- Nugget's point guard, Emmanuel Mudiay, small forward, Danilo Gallinari, and mascot Rocky the Mountain Lion partnered with Southwest Airlines preparing customers for their flight to Newark, NJ on Thursday.

Mudiay, Gallinari and Rocky practically did everything except fly the plane. The three loaded luggage, greeted customers, scanned tickets at the gate, as well as made time for photos with fans in their time at Denver International Airport.

Gallinari and Mudiay, more accustom to driving the rim and boxing out, may have found their calling after basketball.

"I think we did great," Mudiay said, "We'll see if they want to hire me."

The first snow of the season pouring down on the tarmac, the two NBA players weathered the storm and helped load bags onto the plane faces and hands freezing.

"They said we did pretty good," said Gallinari, "I don't know if they're saying it just to say it, but I think we did pretty good.

Aside from all their fun work experiences with Southwest Airlines, the greatest reward from the event was interacting with their fans.

According to Mudiay, "It's always good to see the good feeling you give to a fan or a little kid."