Copper Mountain- With the U.S. Ski Team training at Copper Mountain, they’re racing in super ski suits designed by Boulder ski company Spyder.

These suits make racers like Stacey Cook, look like superheroes, “We have never had suits like this before,” said Cook.

The suits started with Captain America and Wonder Woman but now include everything from Iron Man to Spiderman.

“This year I ordered one of every superhero so my Halloween costume selection for the next decade is taken care of”, said Cook.

A good fit for athletes who, in between 70 miles an hour ski runs, do sit-ups in the snow.

As Team USA trains for the upcoming Winter Olympics, they’re also getting a first look at the new Olympic ski suits they will be wearing in South Korea.

Suits inspired by Tommy Moe who won Olympic gold in 1994, ”Tommy Moe is a great person to name a collection from,” said Cook.

A real-life hero to skiers who this season are racing as super hero’s toward their own Olympic legacy.

”I think the other countries are scratching their heads wondering what they are going to do to compete with our coolness.” Said Cook.