The International Olympic Committee suspended Russian biathlete and two-time Olympic champion Olga Zaytseva for life on Friday — along with two cross country skiers — as the result of ongoing doping sanctions that have now totaled 25 Olympians and 11 medals, according to an IOC statement.

Cross country skiers Yulia Chekaleva and Anastasia Dotsenko, who did not medal in the 2014 Winter Olympics, were also suspended, and all three had their Olympic results canceled from the Sochi Games.

Zaytseva, one of Russia's greatest biathletes who won gold in relay races in the 2006 Turin Games and 2010 Vancouver Games, retired in 2015. Her gold medals from previous games were not affected.

Zaytseva's silver medal in the women's relay in 2014 had already been stripped because teammate Olga Vilukhina was banned on Wednesday.