In ski racing, getting Olympic gold often means spending some time at Copper Mountain.

In the early hours of the day at Copper Mountain, employees have been getting the U.S. Ski Team Speed Center up and running.

Copper Station in the east village and has been transformed from a ski lodge into a training ground just months before the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Early in the season, Stephanie Sweeney with Copper Mountain says it’s a place where racers can work out, eat and have their gear tuned and waxed,

“[They] get ready, boot up, head out to the hill,” Sweeney said.

While outside of the Super Bee Lift, race crews have put up 600 rolls of safety netting while snowmaking crews have blasted a long downhill race track that will see around 300 high-speed runs a day.

“U.S. Ski Team has been coming here as we are the only full-length downhill course in the world this time of year,” Sweeney said.

The goal is to get Team USA skiers ready for the South Korea Olympics where they will race for gold after first getting some copper in Colorado.

“Copper is very important on your way to get gold,” Sweeney said.