Norman Kasch has many years between being one of the first members of the University of Denver’s hockey team and the spry 91-year-old he is now. But he remembers those old days perfectly, and he sat down with 9NEWS to talk about it.

Back when he started in 1949, they played what Kasch called “primitive hockey.” There were no helmets or face masks, although they did have gloves.

“Otherwise you’d get your knuckles beat to death,” he said, "light shin and hip pads and maybe elbow pads."

“It was a rough-and-tumble bump when you got banged on the boards,” he said.

Kasch joined the team at the age of 24 after he had served in the U.S. Navy. It had been about six or seven years since he had last skated.

He said he didn’t get to play as much as he wished, because unlike some of the other players, he was a student volunteer and not an athletic scholarship student.

He’s kept up on the hockey team since, and has nothing but admiration for the current team and its coach.

“They are hockey players,” he said. “They are real athletes (…) when we started this team, we were a bunch of scrubs.”

He chatted with us on Facebook Live as well.