Notre Dame Fighting Irish alumni and friends, Nick Ossello and Dillon Powers, are now professional athletes competing in two different sports, but in the same city. 

Their paths cross once again, this time in the Mile High City, Ossello as a defenseman for Colorado Mammoth lacrosse, and Powers, a midfielder for Colorado Rapids soccer. 

The two became friends in 2012 during Ossello's freshman year, Powers' senior year. After reuniting years later at a Kroenke Sports banquet, the two are back to their old ways.

Let the competition and talking trash commence...via Ossello. 

"So welcome Dillon," Ossello said. "Thank you very much for joining me so I can teach you about a real sport. Should be a change of pace from what you're usually doing."

All in good fun, the two began a friendly sports-swap, competing in various games from both lacrosse and soccer. 

The two played three-bar and a best-of-five face off competition in lacrosse, then switched from hands to feet in a crossbar and nets competition in soccer. 

As expected the Ossello won the lacrosse games despite some early promise from Powers'. His shot accuracy and quickness on the draw were "embarrassing" according to Ossello; however, Powers embarrassed the trash-talking "lax-bro" in both soccer games to follow. 

Each won their respective sports. We knew this would probably happen going in. What now?

"Because we're men and we play a real sport, we do not tie; no ties in lacrosse," Ossello said, taking a shot at the nil-nil finishes that can occur in soccer. The two went into a single sudden death soccer golf round for the title and bragging rights. 

Take a look at the video to see who prevailed in a showdown among friends.