The word free always seems to get people's attention.

That's the goal behind a special offer this weekend from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

While a free fishing weekend might sound like it would only appeal to anglers, there's a special incentive to hook kids and families in Denver who may not even have a rod, reel, or bait.

In Washington Park on Saturday and Confluence Park on Sunday, kids and their parents can borrow a fishing rod for free.

They will also supply the bait so everyone has what they need to get introduced to an activity that might grow into a hobby.

For Chad LaChance, a professional angler, fishing is life.

“It can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it," said LaChance.

This weekend, across the state, everyone can fish for free. The goal is to introduce more people to fishing and get families outdoors.

This a Colorado Parks and Wildlife event, which may come as a surprise to most since fees for fishing and hunting are how the organization makes money.

“It's a lot more that this is about inviting people to experience an adventure," said Lauren Truitt, Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson.

It's something the advanced angler and the beginning fisher can take part in.

“If you just want to get try small ponds, the smaller the better, said LaChance.

LaChance says fishing is a big thing in the state.

“It brings as much money hunting and fishing as the winter sports do to Colorado,” said LaChance. “You can almost find fishing at any body of water.”

Colorado has about 2500 lakes and reservoirs and nearly 10,000 miles of fishable streams and rivers. Every year CPW fills Colorado's waters with about 90 million fish.

“We don't even have to talk about the trout we have almost 2000 miles of trout streams,” LaChance said.

He says there may be some waiting, but patience is the best bait, for the catch of the day.

CPW says make sure you know whether you are fishing at catch and release location or one where you can eat the fish.

It’s also good to remember fishing is free but entry fees to state parks will still apply.