This weekend’s forecast looks a lot like summer, and if you’re looking for a new Colorado trail to check out, this map might be of use.

The Colorado Trail Explorer shows more than 39,000 miles of trails. It was part of Gov. John Hickenlooper’s Colorado the Beautiful initiative, and first announced in June 2015.

It was officially launched on Friday ahead of National Trails Day, which is June 3.

The map shows 17,000 trails and 1,400 trailheads. Developers are working to add additional data – mainly information about non-motorized trails on federal lands.

A mobile app is forthcoming, but right now, it works best on desktop (the link will work on your phone, but it’s not quite as intuitive as it would be on your computer).

In a news release, Hickenlooper said he hopes consolidating all of the trail information that’s available separately courtesy of multiple jurisdictions will make it easier for Coloradans to discover new places.

The interactive map lets you narrow down trails based on what you plan to do, from hiking to biking to using an ATV. It shows the sheer volume of hiking trails in the state.

You can check it out here:

As always, remember to clean up after yourself and your pet wherever you choose to go this weekend. Also, be courteous to other trail users, and remember to just respect everything our beautiful state has to offer.

Here's a look at how not to be a jerk when you hit the trails: