A 9-year-old from Vail is now the youngest person ever to summit Mount Kilimanjaro without any help.

Zach Meltz climbed Africa's highest mountain with his father Andy and a guide team last month.

It took them seven days to reach the top.

Courtesy Stacey Boltz

The Tanzanian government normally has a restriction that children must be 10-years-old to climb Kilimanjaro.

Zach's mother told us he received a special permit because officials believe he had the maturity and experience to make the climb.

Two days before Zach set his record, 88-year-old Dr. Fred Distelhorst became the oldest person to summit Kilimanjaro.

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Dr. Distelhorst is also from Vail. It took him six days.

Both families know each other. Zach went to school with Dr. Distelhorst's grandkids.