ENGLEWOOD—Let’s review old news to the 2017 Denver Broncos’ schedule.

The Broncos will play home games this season against Dallas, New England, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and the two New Yorks. Plus, the usual home games against Kansas City and Oakland.

The Broncos will play road games this season at Buffalo, at Indianapolis, at Miami, at Philadelphia, at Washington and at Los Angeles. Plus, the usual road games at Kansas City and Oakland.

Los Angeles is new. The nation’s second-largest city replaced San Diego as home to the Chargers.

The NFL will release the day, dates and times of the Broncos’ 16-game regular-season schedule, plus the Broncos’ lone bye week, plus more exact appointments to their four preseason games, at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Here are the known opponents to the 2017 Broncos schedule:

Home Away

New York Giants Washington

New York Jets Miami Dolphins

Dallas Cowboys Buffalo Bills

New England Patriots Indianapolis Colts

Cincinnati Bengals Philadelphia Eagles

Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs

Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders

Without knowing how it lines up, the potential difficulty of the Broncos’ schedule is five games played in the eastern time zone. Perhaps, this could tax the biological time clocks by season's end. Perhaps, not.