ENGLEWOOD—As a former head coach and current TV analyst, Rex Ryan slants toward defense.

His father, Buddy Ryan, was one of the most greatest defensive coordinators of all time thanks to the Forty-Six system employed by the mighty 1985 Chicago Bears.

Like dad, Rex was an aggressive, blitz-heavy defensive coordinator before he became head coach. He believes strongly in the value of applying pass-rush pressure on the quarterback.

Yes, Ryan said Monday during a conference call with Denver and Los Angeles media, the AFC West has the best collection of pass rushers in the NFL. The Chargers have Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. The Raiders have Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin. The Chiefs have Justin Houston, Dee Ford and Tamba Hali.

The Broncos have Von Miller and hopefully Shaq Barrett and eventually Shane Ray.

Meaning no disrespect to Mack, the best of them all is Miller.

“His speed is unmatched,’’ said Ryan, who will broadcast along with Beth Mowins the Broncos-Chargers game Monday night on ESPN and Channel 20. “There’s something else about him that is really unique and what I was going to talk about in the broadcast, I think, the great pass rushers have a sense on when to release off a guy. Do I release inside, outside, those are things elite pass rushers have.

“It starts with his get-off. He has tremendous get-off. He’s got great, God-given speed with body-lean and that type of stuff which all the rushers have. But finishing rushes is something he does probably better than anybody.’’