The University of Denver has never had a better face-off guy than Trevor Baptiste. In fact, the junior may end up being the best the game has ever seen. How did he get started, and where did his love for lacrosse begin?

"In the beginning it was swimming and football," said Baptiste talking about the sports he played when he was growing up. "Then I have to make a choice between football and swimming and chose swimming. Then I had to eventually choose between swimming and lacrosse and I chose lacrosse."

Trevor got into lacrosse because all of his football buddies played it and told him to come out and play, but he wasn't taking face-offs.

"I started out on defense but I guess I wanted to score goals so I moved to attach," laughed Baptiste.

In high school a coach switched him to middie and then eventually he started taking face-offs, as a backup.When the school's starter went down he went in and the rest as they say is history.

Baptiste already has more face-offs wins than any Pioneer has ever had and Trevor still has a full college season to play. First things first though, Baptiste is focused on Saturdays NCAA quarterfinal game against Notre Dame.