It's been a busy week for Bradley Roby. The Broncos cornerback made his first start of the season on Sunday, a performance worthy of the NFL's defensive player of the week, and tonight he starred on the Broncos Huddle.

Roby has always been considered a starter in the eyes of Head Coach Gary Kubiak, but against the Chargers, he was among the first eleven out there filling in for Aqib Talib.

“My mindset with Aqib down was another chance for me to get out there on the field a little bit more, said Roby. "This year I haven’t been on the field as much and you definitely have to take advantage of those opportunities you get. When Talib said he wasn’t playing and he said he was going to be down, I just looked at it as I have to step up and use this opportunity to get better.”

This week the Bradley and the Broncos will face one of the best, best teams and best quarterbacks. Raiders QB Derek Carr hasn't made many mistakes this season, but if he does look for Denver to make him pay, with points.

“I think that it’s something that we cultivated last year," said Roby. "We did that last year and we continue to do that. I think it’s part of the players on this team and on this defense. We’re playmakers and it can come from anywhere. I think that’s one of the bigger reasons we got to the Super Bowl last year and that’s one of the reasons why we continue to be successful.”

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