ENGLEWOOD—In the last year or so, there wasn’t much talk about where Trevor Siemian ranks among NFL quarterbacks.

If you’re not in the top 10, why rank?

Starting this year, after he won The Great Quarterback Competition, I put Siemian about 14th or 15th out of the 32 quarterbacks. A tick above the average starter. Considering he was statistically the 23rd-rated passer in 2016, I liked him better than most.

This year, Siemian statistically ranks 5th among quarterbacks who have played at least two games. Sure, it’s way early. Still, No. 5 is haughty stuff. How about that Trevor?

“It’s good, but it’s Week 2,’’ Siemian said. “We’ve won two game so it’s pretty good. We’re focused on this week. Buffalo is a really good team and we’re playing a really good defense. Easy for me and everyone else to stay pretty motivated.”

When it comes to answering questions about himself, by the way, Siemian might rank 32nd.

While it can be debated about where Siemian ranks among NFL quarterbacks, what should be indisputable is he is the NFL’s No. 1 value player.

In the third year of his rookie contract based off his 7th-round draft selection, Siemian has a base salary of $615,000 this season, which ties him as the league’s 71st-paid quarterback. Christian Hackenberg and Paxton Lynch make more than he does. Tyrod Taylor, his Buffalo adversary this week, makes about $14 million more than Siemian.

Considering the importance of the quarterback position, and now that he has thoroughly outplayed Dallas’ Dak Prescott, Siemian has to be the league’s best player dollar for dollar. (The Broncos can’t work out a contract extension with Siemian, by the way until after this season. By rule, no drafted player can rework his contract until after his third season. Siemian didn’t play as a rookie and then played for the first time last year, his second season).

On the field, no one predicted Siemian would be this good. Not even the Broncos. Six weeks ago they gave Lynch every chance to win the starting job.

And now, two weeks into this new season, Siemian ranks higher than Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers.

“I think Trevor is in complete control of the offense,’’ said Broncos head coach Vance Joseph. “His ball placement is excellent. The play he made to Emmanuel with the first touchdown, that’s a big time throw with the right pace and the right placement of the ball. That’s hard to do. The more he plays, the better he is going to get.”

Sure, it’s early. Siemian hasn’t even played a road game, yet. But consider this: He is just starting his second season. What happens if Joseph is correct and Siemian keeps getting better?