If you’re like many of us in the office, you still haven’t gotten over the unexpected passing of Toby the Bernese mountain dog.

He was the unofficial mascot of Loveland Ski Area, and his owner, Dustin Schaefer, loved sharing photos of him for every occasion showcasing everything Colorado’s mountains had to offer.

Toby even got to meet Von Miller thanks to an adorable homage to the Denver Broncos linebacker!

While Toby’s spirit – and memory – lives on, Dustin has a new addition to his family: Parker, who is 11-months-old and already knows how to work a bandana.

Parker is already counting down the days until snowmaking – and he’ll be making appearances at various events just like Toby did, Schaefer said.

It’s nice to meet you, Parker!

Meet Parker, the new Bernese mountain dog you'll see at Loveland events.