There’s just something about goalies and he’s no different.

“They’re all weird first of all. But yeah, he’s definitely on the odd spectrum,” said University of Denver head coach Jim Montgomery of his junior goaltender Tanner Jaillet. Tanner even admits it.

“I like to think I’m more normal than some of them," he said. "I mean most goalies are a little quirky or something.”

Things have been a bit kooky in his crease this year, as in we haven’t seen it before. In terms of wins (24, T-7th in school history), save percentage (.929 T-4th in school history) and goals against average (1.84 T-2nd in school history) Jaillet is having one of the best seasons ever for a Denver goalie.

“I think he’s been incredible. You don’t have the numbers he has without being a rock back there.” Montgomery told 9NEWS.

The native of Canada is one of the finalists for the Mike Richter award given annually to college hockey’s best goaltender.

“That’s awesome. It’s pretty sweet, but I can’t worry about it. I just have to focus on our team success and that will come later,” said Jaillet. He and the Pioneers are preparing to take on North Dakota this weekend at the Frozen Faceoff in Minneapolis. DU is all but guaranteed to be a number one see in the National tournament regardless of what happens at the conference finals.

They will definitely be hard to score on. The beauty of the Pioneers this year is they have a great goalie, with an impressive defense as well. Jaillet rarely has to make an acrobatic save.

“There’s an odd breakdown, but that’s what makes hockey exciting right, those breakdowns? But definitely they make my job relatively easy,” said Jaillet of his defense.

Six more wins would make the Pioneers national champions and tie Jaillet for the most victories in a single season in school history.

That’s the kind of weirdness the University of Denver will take.