The Broncos' real test will come against the Bears Thursday night in Chicago, but todays scrimmage was at least another step forward as the Broncos finally did some hitting.

“Everyone was engaged," Head Coach Vance Joseph said. "They wanted to play well today. It was physical without tackling for the first two groups. The third group actually tackled. So that was fun to see those guys play.”

Trevor Siemian got the start and had the better day, but he wasn't great. It's hard to be against that Denver D.

“Anything you pour so much into physically, mentally and emotionally, and it doesn’t work out, your first reaction is, ‘Dang, why isn’t this working?’ You take a step back and cool down," Siemian said. "Those guys are pretty good too and they’re doing their job. It’s give and take. I think we’ve had a really competitive camp so far which is good. It’d be kind of worrying if defense was getting us every day or if we were getting them every day. I think it’s been really competitive and that’s good for the team.”

“This defense has been getting after us day in and day out, but we’ve had good practices on the offensive side of the ball, too," Lynch said. "I think it makes everybody better when you go against the best defense in the league day in and day out—the pass rushes, cornerbacks and linebackers. It’s definitely helped me to progress my game, but I’m excited to get out there and be able to run around a little bit and go against a different defense.”

It's not just a different defense. It's a different team. Vance Joseph admitted they're all ready to see someone else.

“I think everyone is excited," Joseph said. "You kind of practice to play the games. Even though it’s preseason, you get a chance to get a fair evaluation of the players. That’s a live-like environment. It’s not controlled. You want to see how guys react when they’re tired, when they’re hurt and obviously against a different opponent. I’m excited about Thursday to see how the young guys go out and play football, so we can find out the best guys for our football team.”

The Broncos and Bears game will air on KTVD Channel 20 Thursday night at 6 p.m. MT.