Emmanuel Sanders has already done so much for Denver on the field, but he's now making a difference off of it as well, thanks to his own foundation.

The Emmanuel Sanders Foundation helps support kids through sports, providing equipment and funding fee's for disadvantaged children in Denver, a need that has a special meaning for Sanders.

"I was raised by my grandma in a house with two bedrooms and eight people living there, and it’s crazy because my foundation is based upon exactly what I went through,” said Sanders. “I loved playing sports but I was that guy who walked into my grandma and said can I get signed up for soccer and she was like I don’t know if I can afford that this month.”

That’s a feeling Sanders doesn’t want others to have. Luckily for him his uncle was able to help him out, but others aren’t so fortunate. That’s where his foundation should help.

About 62 percent of kids 13-16 who don't participate in sports are unable because of financial constraints, 70 percent dropout of sports by the age of 12, while nearly three out of 10 children under 18 in Denver live in poverty.

"Ya know I come from poverty so first I had to get my grandma and my sister situated so I had to be selfish” said Sanders.

Now he’s ready to take that next step and help others through his foundation.

The Emmanuel Sanders Foundation will hold it’s first signature fundraising event, a night to catch flight, on May 31 at Jet Linx in Denver.

Sanders says his teammates will be there along with 200 guests for world class cuisine, fine wine and an auction all for a great cause.

All the information can be found at emmanuelsanders.org.

Emmanuel Sanders Foundation - A Night to Take Flight