After an improved season last year filled with an arsenal of hitters including a top ranked rookie, the Rockies are heading into the 2017-18 season with high hopes.

A lot of those high hopes lie with last year's breakout star, Trevor Story.

Along with an array of "story" puns after each of his 27 home runs last year, Story added a spark of excitement to last year's season. One of a handful of players being looked at for Rookie of the Year, the rookie's chances for the title were hurt after injuring his thumb near the end of the season.

He hit seven home runs in his first six games in the league, had 10 homers in April to tie the rookie record for most homers in a month in the MLB and he was three shy of a league record for rookie homers with 27.

Now it's second season, cue the sophomore slump...or not?

"I didn't even know that was a thing honestly," said Story. "I feel like I've prepared too much and trust my hard work to believe in stuff like that."

Although he suffered a season-ending thumb injury in early August last year, Story has been rehabbing and is ready for his second season with the Rockies.

"It's good to feel like a normal ball player again," said Story.

No one expects the power hitter to have the same start he had in his rookie year with the team; however, they do believe he will be an impact player in the lineup.

"It would surprise me if there was a sophomore slump," said new manager Bud Black. "Is he going to do what he did last year, especially on the home run totals? We don't know, that's why we play; but as far as being a productive player, I think that will happen."

A new season ahead, Story has his sights on finishing the season injury free and doing so in the playoffs.

"It's going to be hard," said Story. "It won't be easy but if we play like we can then I think we will end up where we want to be in the end."

A healthy Trevor Story could help the Rockies get to the playoffs, of course also not believing the second year jinx exists as well is a good place to start.