All right guys, listen up.

Such is the type of command often barked by the quarterback.

Therein lies the problem with a QB competition that continues to be unsettled: How can Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch take charge of the Denver Broncos if they don’t know whether they’re going to be man in charge?

“I think it’s awkward for guys to be in the competition to be a quarterback and to be a leader,’’ said Broncos head coach Vance Joseph in his usual candor. “If you’re not the guy, it’s not natural to portray that you’re the guy. It’s awkward, but they’ve both been told they have to do it. You have to assume you’ll win the job and lead this football team.”

On the first day of minicamp Tuesday and last week in OTAs (organized team activities), it does seem like Paxton Lynch is getting better as Siemian remains steady. But minicamp ends Thursday and then training camp starts in six weeks with no clear starting quarterback.

Best guess is Joseph won’t decide on whether its Siemian or Lynch, Lynch or Siemian, until either after the first preseason game at Chicago on Aug. 10, or after the big week in Santa Clara, California where the Broncos will both practice and play against the San Francisco 49ers.

“When I see a clear separation, I’ll call it off,’’ Joseph said.

Speaking of awkward, Lynch admitted there were times when he was paying attention to what Siemian was doing.

“As a human, when you’re competing against somebody, if you do something wrong, you’re kind of like, ‘Ah, he’s got me now, so I’ve got to make a big play,’’’ Lynch said. “But for me, I kind of felt that way when I first started, but I’ve just kind of learned that it’s just about yourself and making yourself better so you can make the guys around you better. When you better yourself, that’s how you play faster. You help the guys around you and then as a unit, we play better.”

Lynch threw a pick six to Taurean Nixon during the minicamp session Tuesday but came back and threw nice deep ball completions to Cody Latimer and tight end Austin Traylor.

Siemian didn’t appear to have one of his better practices but he also didn’t make any glaring mistakes.

Siemian made light of any possible tensions between himself and Lynch.

“I’m putting gum in his shoes and his locker, trying to make sure he’s late to practice,’’ Siemian said with a smile. “No, we’re good. We’re helping each other out. We’re both young so we’re both learning and we’re going at the same rate it seems. It’s good for both us. We’re pushing each other, and I think we’re making the offense as a whole, and the team better.”

Those first two preseason games will probably mean everything to whether its Trevor or Paxton, Paxton or Trevor.