ENGLEWOOD—Science has allowed man to survive heart attacks, treat some forms of cancer and vaccinate for polio and tuberculosis.

For all the medical advances, however, broken bones take six weeks to heal.

DeMarcus Ware knows. The Denver Broncos’ bookend pass rusher opposite Von Miller is healing without setback from the broken right forearm he suffered in a Sept. 18, week 2 game against Indianapolis.

That puts Ware's return not this week against Houston, and probably not the Broncos' week 8 game Oct. 30 game against the San Diego Chargers as it would be one day shy of six full weeks from the surgery he had to repair the break. A more likely return date be Nov. 6 in week 9 at Oakland.

“It’s where it should be after four weeks,’’ Ware said. “I’ll know more after this week but bones take six weeks and you don’t want to go out there and re-break it and be out for the season. I play with this hand. It’s my strong hand. My technique (in pass rushing) is all hands. I’ve got to make sure it’s right.

"But it’s healing up the right way. That plate is holding it in. There’s more movement every day so I'm excited about that.’’

Ware, who had 2.0 sacks in his first 1 ½ games this season, suffered the injury after a collision with Miller on a sack attempt of Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck. Surgery to screw a plate into his fractured bone area was performed the next day.

Ware has yet to return to practice.