When walking into the KUSA newsroom Saturday afternoon, something new was playing on one of the monitors. Allen Iverson was in a basketball uniform! Ice Cube was on the mic talking to an arena crowd in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Two teams, the 3's Company and Ghost Ballers were going head-to-head with no time limit in the second half with a score of 41 to 36. First thought - some sort of strange summer league for the NBA (maybe AI was trying to get back into the league at 42 years old).

But nope. It's Ice Cube's new basketball league - the Big3. Crammed between something and a poker tournament is a basketball league made up of dozens of former NBA players and others from around the world.

That's not all, though - there's a four-point line, short shot clock and it's only 3-on-3. Perhaps the strangest change from most commonly understood basketball is the half-court the teams play on. Literally, it's half a court.

For old basketball fans, the Big3 league allows for hand-checking (so the games look literally nothing like today's NBA games). It's a self-described American professional 3-on-3 basketball league.

The league started off with a bang in Brooklyn with all teams in the league playing on the same day. Week 2 technically happened almost a full week ago - games are on Sunday.

There are eight teams, with players including Chauncey Billups, Mike Bibby and Rashard Lewis. Names are usually plays-on-words like Ball Hogs, Tri-State or 3 Headed Monsters.

Games air on FS1 on Sunday and then jump to Root Sports Monday and air throughout the week. If you want to know exactly when and where, here are the schedules for both FS1 and Root Sports.

But if you're in a bar - or some nice Colorado eatery - and you think you see Jermaine O'Neal on a basketball court, you haven't had one IPA too many - it's the Big3.

P.S. If you want to attend, the league is unfortunately not making a stop in Denver this summer (maybe next year?) but they will be in Las Vegas for the championship on August 26.