Corey Rose sat down with 9NEWS tech expert Scott Yates to talk about a Boulder company that helps other companies explore the tricky world of international expansion.

The company has a name that's a combination of "Go Big" and "global" and is called "globig."

The idea is that this company helps other companies figure out the complicated world of international expansion. More than just consultants, however, the company has a large catalog of information that it gives away on the site to help anyone who wants it.

And instead of consulting with companies, globig has assembled a marketplace of lawyers, accountants and other consultants who can help those trying to expand internationally.

This company is also a graduate of the MergeLane accelerator class from 2016.

The class from MergeLane for this year is set to graduate at a demo day this Thursday, May 4, at 10 a.m.

This accelerator has as a focus companies run by women, and in a true fashion of inclusiveness, they encourage families to bring children with them to the event.

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