KUSA - For almost everyone in America every day they face the same decision: Should we eat out or stay in for dinner?

Now there's a third choice: Getting a meal kit delivered to your home. These kits have all the ingredients properly measured, and typically require just throwing them together into a pan and cooking them up.

Meal kits have the advantages of creativity of top chefs, and takes away the need to worry about shopping for ingredients, measuring, having the wrong amounts, etc. And it takes away the need to go to a resteraunt, dealing with parking, tipping, noise, etc.

The category is growing fast, and many people in Colorado may have used Green Chef without even knowing that it's based in Boulder.

Green Chef competes with others that also send meals to the home, but it shows its Boulder roots as it is perhaps best known as having a wide range of vegan, paleo, vegetarian, gluten-free and other choices. While some others have token entries in some categories, Green Chef embraces those choices all through the process.

And it must be working, as this company that started in 2014 already has 750 employees between the headquarters in Boulder, distribution centers in Aurora and New Jersey, and a development shop in California.

One other way to know the company is growing fast is the number of open jobs.

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