Three students at CU Boulder are developing silicone rings that can play music.

Steven Dourmashkin, a drummer, is always tapping out beats wherever he has a flat surface.

This inspired him to create an app that will turn his taps into sound.

The app, called Specdrums, is connected to rings a user wears on their fingers.

Using the app, you can assign musical notes and sounds to specific colors so when you tap the ring on the color, it plays the designated sound.

Specdrums has a database of sounds that range from hand drums, to animal sounds, to user generated sounds.

Dourmashkin started Specdrums while an undergraduate at Cornell University.

Since coming to CU to earn a graduate degree in aerospace engineering, he's perfected the rings and app with two CU teammates.

One is a junior majoring in marketing and technology, arts and media and the other is a doctoral student in ethnomusicology.

The rings, made from silicone and 3D-printed molds, are currently in beta testing.