KUSA - Mental health issues, including depression and addiction, contribute more to lost productivity than any other single cause, but now a Denver company is trying to do something about that.

Amelia Rose Earhart sat down with 9News technology expert Scott Yates to talk about MyStrength, a company that people all over the country are using right now.

The company provides online tools, including mobile apps, that help employees to deal with a wide range of mental health issues. Their tag line is that they provide a "health club for your mind."

The health of the company itself appears very good, with about 20 employees, an office in LoDo, and big enterprise contracts. From a business perspective, this is a great success all built on customers paying for the service, not on venture capital.

MyStrength provides online tools to help people with mental health issues like depression and substance abuse. With an employment market as tight as the one we are in now, employers don't want to lose any employees for any reason, and mental health issues are a major cause of missed work time.

Millennials also report that they are looking to work for companies that treat them as individuals, and these tools fit in with that trend.

By offering MyStrength, employers are also recognizing that their employees are really human, and face human struggles. That's a part of why an email about a "mental health day" went viral recently.

The tools from MyStrength are totally confidential, and comply with all the privacy rules governing health care providers.

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