Libraries are typically known as quiet places where you can check out books – you know, those stories printed on paper.

Now, the Denver Public Library is doing its best to not fade away in the digital world.

On the fourth floor of the Denver Central Library on the corner of 14th and Broadway you’ll find an ‘ideaLAB’ It was built four years ago, and last week as a result of high demand – another recording studio opened up.

In it, you can record music tracks, edit videos and convert vinyl records, VHS, and cassettes to digital formats.

Program administrator Nate Stone took advantage of the ideaLAB by converting a mixtape he made for his wife 20 years ago.

“You put it in, you record it, you splice up the tracks…so now we both have it on our phone and we can listen to it whenever we want," Stone said. "It’s nice, I’ve actually listened to it for years.”

Community Tech Center Supervisor Megan Hartline and Stone say the library has a lot of aspiring MCs visit the studio to record tracks.

They also see people coming in to create videos, using their Adobe editing suite, and also learning software geared toward graphic design.

The space even has a ‘green screen’ – something you see on the local news every day when meteorologists do their forecasts.

Here’s a full list of what you’ll find in the new recording studio:

  • Two work stations
  • Recording studio
  • Mac with Garageband and Logic
  • Dynamic microphone
  • MIDI controller
  • Studio monitors
  • Headphones
  • PC with full Adobe Creative Cloud – Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, etc.
  • Record player
  • Cassette player
  • VHS player
  • Scanner with holders to convert slides, 35 MM film, and medium format film
  • Wacom Intuos tablet

The ideaLAB itself is a place where people can learn to edit, record music, and even use a 3D printer. You can also check out GoPros and video equipment.

The only thing you need to access the ideaLAB is a library card and a valid photo ID. You can reserve the space for two hours, up to two weeks out on any day the library is open.