A Denver startup makes it easier for Coloradans to save and make money.

The Fluid app allows people to rent out their property -- anything from camera equipment to camping gear -- to others in the neighborhood.

You can rent it directly from your phone for a set amount of time.

The app's founder, James Eberhard, explained the idea behind his business to 9NEWS.

"You walk around the neighborhood and everybody has a lawnmower in their garage, has the same tools they use for a couple of hours a week in the summertime," Eberhard said. "It's really inefficient and it's over consumption and there's no reason that we all should own exactly the same thing."

The Fluid app launched last June and Eberhard says someone rented a moving truck on the very first day.

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People who want to rent out items just need to take a photo of it, choose a price and post all the information on the app. There is even a team that can help set the price if anyone is unsure.

Anyone who wants to rent something can search the app for the item they want, set the time and day they need it, and pay through the app.

If a renter is going to be late, there is an option to extend the rental. There's also a messaging feature where the renter can get in contact with the owner if there are any problems.

Eberhard says there are already 10 million users on the app and it hasn't even reached its one year mark yet.

"It's amazing what the social transformation of the platform does," Eberhard said. "It really means you no longer need to go out and buy stuff that you're just going to use once, use twice. [Now you] have access to whatever you need.

You can download Fluid for free. There is a 20 percent fee on the transactions.

The company also has insurance to cover items rented out on the app.

It's only available to Coloradans right now, but Eberhard has plans to expand.