Corey Rose sat down with 9NEWS Technology Expert Scott Yates to talk about a company that helps recruiters find new people to fill open positions.

The company is called Loxo, and is based here in Denver.

This is a new take on software that recruiters and other HR professionals use. The biggest problem that many tech companies have these days is trying to find the right people. This software makes it easy to find candidates who may not be looking for work, and then reach out to them and encourage them to come to work for a new company.

This software is especially designed for executive search and boutique staffing firms. If you ever get contacted out of the blue and recruited for a different job, there's a good chance that the recruiter found you by using this software.

The company itself is small but growing, and in the tradition of tech companies, is volunteering and "giving first" even before it grows into a tech giant, so the company has been sending a volunteer to help organize Denver Startup Week.

That premier event for the Denver startup community is not until September, but the deadline for submissions is in about a week. Anyone from any industry can pitch an idea for a presentation to be part of the event that last year drew more than 13,000 people.

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