Christine Noël sat down with 9NEWS technology expert Scott Yates to talk about a company that helps restaurants beat the weather instead of letting the weather beat them.

Heads Up Weather, based in Denver, is brand new company designed to help eateries deal with the weather. A person's decision to eat out, it turns out, is based first on if they can afford it, and after that is based on the weather.

This company uses that fact to help restaurateurs manage their relationship to the weather. The service from this company will help restaurants do things like:

  • Make a special tied to the weather and publicize it on social media
  • Help plan staffing and ordering based on weather
  • Analyze sales based on what the weather was.

The company was started by a couple of weather nerds, Rob Seigel, a PhD in atmospheric physics for weather modeling, and Mark Monstrola, a former TV weatherman.

They both quit jobs to start the company, which can be scary.

Event about quitting a job to start a company

It can be scary to quit a job, but less so if you know some of the steps. An event coming up Wednesday night can help you learn about those steps. It's a free event, but the organizers at General Assembly do ask that you register ahead of time.

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