Christine Noël sat down with 9NEWS technology expert Scott Yates to talk about a Denver company trying to make the process of getting a loan for a home much easier.

This is one of those companies that you may have used without even knowing that you used it. Maxwell works in the background for loan officers, helping them to get all the paperwork done online.

In some ways it's surprising this concept hasn't taken off earlier.

People are now completely accustomed to shopping for homes online and real estate agents have lots of online tools to market homes. But when it comes time to actually get a loan on a home, suddenly homebuyers are faced with a long series of phone calls, huge stacks of printed documents, and even faxes, which are all but extinct in nearly every other industry.

Maxwell is working to eliminate all of those hassles. For instance, the software allows people to link other online accounts to their home loan application on a secure platform. This streamlines that process.

The company also has built tools to make it easier for real estate agents to learn about the loan process without having to pester a loan officer by phone.

Like so many modern companies Maxwell has some charity built in from the earliest days. They have a program they call "Buy a House, Give a House." Part of the revenue of the company gets is directed to help people in Haiti and other poor spots around the world build homes.

See new companies pitch

Maxwell was part of a Demo Day the TechStars program from Boulder last year. One of the first big pitch events of this year is coming up at the Angel Capital Summit March 21st and 22nd. Tickets for the event with 10 different company pitches along with panel discussions and networking are $250, but volunteers can attend for free.

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